Tale of Tales

The northern chapel of Cathedral-in-the-Clouds, inspired by Hildegard von Bingen
A pietà in virtual reality.
a theater of death
It is 1972. You are Angela Burnes: housekeeper and revolutionary.
The Art of SUNSET and The Diary of Angela Burnes
Welcome to San Bavón. You've arrived on a very special day.
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A simple game of touch, pleasure and joy.
Far away. Nearly summer.
Development diary and documentary photos from the making of the game.
If you dance for me you may ask of me what you will, and I will give it you, even unto the half of my kingdom.
There is one rule in the game. And it needs to be broken. There is one goal. And when you attain it, you die.
An old woman visits a cemetery...
Momento mori.
a small study for Cathedral-in-the-Clouds

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